I have become more calm and (I think) easier to be around. If I do become agitated or stressed, I'm able to use the tools I've learned in this course to "step back" and quiet my mind before proceeding. I have a generally better outlook on life, as I am getting better at separating real, valid concerns from the problems, drawbacks and worries my own obsessive mind creates. Doing a 10-15 minute meditation before I go to bed allows me to sleep through the night. If I do awaken I am able to use the methods I've learned to calm my racing thoughts and get back to sleep. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2017

I no longer feel the high anxiety I often felt. It doesn't even occur at all. And when situations arise, I deal with them with very little, if any, drama. I simply deal with them. I am much more kind to myself, too. I seem to take things in stride more. I think it is because I know I have tools and because, having become aware of my over reactions in the past, I quickly bring myself into the present and either take appropriate action or just let it go. This happens more times than not. I am amazed at how gentle I am with myself when I mess up. I don't call myself names or feel bad for long. I have patience with myself. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2017

I now have a technique to use when dealing with stress. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2017

I am more in control of my actions, meaning that I am able to choose before acting. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2017

I have noticed less anxiety with memory issues. Letting go of the unwanted and feeling it's not that important. Less "catastrophizing" of body pain, using breathing for calmness, not to overact. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2017

I’ll continue to use the skills I've learned -- breathing, meditation, body scan, mindful yoga -- to keep myself from going off track and returning to my former non-stop mind chatter of apprehension, worry and dread. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2017

Make sure you attend all classes and do the homework. It pays off to make the effort and find out how much you will learn about yourself that will help you live better and more fulfilled. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2017

The program is beneficial on so many levels! It has helped me to deal with a major transition in my life and I feel much more at ease than I did two months ago. The articles/homework in the binder helped me to stay focused every week to do the practices. This program has helped me to appreciate what I have and accept what I don't have-and to let go of my attachment to the past. I think the program has helped me be more mindful at work and in my relationships with family and friends....and my time alone has also become more mindful with meditation and yoga, as well as with chores around the house. I am more aware of my breathing and body movements in every day activities. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

It's a great way to introduce people to meditation who are not interested in anything spiritual or religious. It helps people cope with the stresses of everyday life, and there are many! It is well designed and does a nice job mixing seated practices with movement practices. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

I'm less reactive in challenging situations than before the MBSR program. I am able to step back and breathe when things are not going the way I want, then make a choice about how I will experience that moment. I have been feeling more "present" and mindful in daily life activities. I am sleeping better and have developed healthier sleep habits. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

When I get stressed, many times I am able to recognize it when it occurs and can lower my shoulders and breathe. Awareness is what I have learned. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

I am dealing better with stressful feelings and I am becoming more aware of life around me. More "being in the moment" MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

I am finding it easier to build daily practice into my schedule. I feel incomplete without my daily practice. My concentration appears to have improved as has my ability to complete tasks. I am better able to step back and so some perspective taking in stressful situations. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

Have an open, beginner's mind! The program will require self-discipline and active daily practice but the long term benefits are worth the hard work. Madeline is such a warm, gentle, mindful mentor who will guide you through each session with grace; it is a wonderful experience to practice with her- all the participants didn't want the 8 week session to end! MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

The day retreat was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time....and different from any other experience! Doing yoga in the pavilion facing the lake and meditating with the sounds of water from the intermittent fountain created such serenity. The sight and savor practice was beautiful; I did some walking meditation along the lake during that time. The silent, mindful lunch was so satisfying It was a magical day! MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

The Day of Mindfulness was a beautiful day! What was most powerful for me was spending time quietly communing with the natural world. I really enjoyed sitting by the side of the lake and watching a variety of fish, birds, and animals going about their activities. I learn a lot from non-human creatures. They know how to just "be". MBSR Graduate Fall, 2016

I’m happy to report that I have continued the work started with you and most of the commitments I've made to myself during your sessions. Daily meditations have helped me to reduce my anxieties and in dealing with my health problems. Without exaggeration, you've really helped me to make very significant positive changes in my life. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

There is a definite shift in my response to stress in my life. I am less agitated and more present. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

This program has opened a new door for me in a way I did not know existed to change my life and the ways I deal with stressful situations. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

I’ve noticed an improved overall ability to be at ease during the day. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

I am calmer. I have regained some of the stability I lost after my husband died three years ago. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

Outstanding. Should be taught to everyone. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

I am more deliberate and less impulsive in my responses to stressful situations. I also find I sleep better, longer hours than before the course. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

I’m noticing much more detail. I'm more relaxed and think before having a knee jerk reaction. I also notice that I crave at least 20-30 minutes of solitude a day. My days are so much better when I'm sure to make time to tend to myself through either meditation or yoga or on a good day...both! MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

Thank you for everything, it was amazing. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

I think everyone can benefit from a mindfulness practice. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

It is a learning process and I did learn quite a bit. I had a preconceived notion about meditating and what to expect, but left the class with a whole new appreciation which was much more reasonable and attainable. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

This is such an important part of my life and I feel a benefit to all people. Everyone should know about this. We should be teaching it in schools to children. This is important work you’re doing and such a gift to our community. I enjoyed the program and am so grateful for this opportunity. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

It is a very useful educational program that includes the necessary practice that helps participants learn tools for self-awareness and present moment awareness. It offers the potential for empowerment and peace with one's own health/life challenges, allowing for the development of space between an experience and one's reaction... making room for a more trusting response and for kindness, instead of immediate fear, sadness, resistance, etc. With consistency and willingness to trust, I think the practices in the MBSR program can become part of the foundation for greater health and well-being. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

I think it's an excellent program and I think we are very fortunate to have it available in Southwest Florida. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

It was a very well put together program and I hope to build upon it. A+ MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

It was much, much, more than I had anticipated! Well-taught, thorough, gentle, encouraging. Thank you! MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

Love the teacher! Love the studio and our props.  I’m grateful for having this opportunity and hope to take it with me through the rest of my life. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

I feel that this is something everyone should attend. I can't think of anyone I know that would not benefit from this program. I have told many people and will continue to as it has really impacted my stress level, anxiety and overall ability to have more peace in my life. I've discovered that although there are stressful situations and day-to-day stress, most of it is not so stressful when handled with the proper mindset. The program has actually helped me take myself out of negative situations and circumstances as much as possible. With that being said I know that there are situations that will be there. The program has helped me to handle it with much more ease. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

Mindfulness was an idea when I started the program. What I thought it was though was very different from what it turned out to be. Because mindfulness is not an idea it's a practice. And when you do the practice (1) you get to know yourself better by being more attuned to what's going on in your mind and in your body and how the two are connected and (2) if this practice is done regularly news ways of handling your stress automatically carry over into your everyday life. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

Eight classes and some homework is such a small price to pay for such enormous benefits. MBSR can teach you to learn to live without the demands of believing one needs answers to so many of life's questions. It can lead you to find greater peace in your daily existence. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2016

This program can help you gain the ability to transform how you deal with stress and how you live your life, in general. If you are willing to dedicate sufficient time and effort to develop a mindfulness practice, you will experience a welcome shift in your perspective and your overall sense of well-being. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

The program was extremely well organized and presented. Though it required a substantial investment in time, it was well worth it. Madeline, you are an excellent teacher; your dedication to the program and to your own practice is clearly evident and is a source of great inspiration. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

I must admit to being skeptical in the beginning, but it didn't take me long to realize that this is a very helpful approach to life for me. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

As someone going through a life transition (from 100 miles per hour as a working professional, to 25 miles per hour as a "retiree"), there is virtually no guide on how to make these transitions in a healthy, happy and peaceful way. This has been a wonderful way to learn how to adjust my life and be more peaceful and content. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

Over the years, I’ve engaged in many modalities to try and 'slow down' the pace of my life and reduce my stress levels. I’ve sought different ways of learning to deal with stress in a healthier fashion than was my norm. This program has been the most beneficial means of doing this that I have experienced. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

I find myself being more patient in my dealings with others both at home and at work. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015I deal with difficult people with more ease. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

I am able to deal with/handle stressful situations more easily and am able to "step back" and really take a look at what's going on. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

I am calmer and don't react as quickly to upsetting events. I also find that I am sleeping better. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

I have continued to meditate every day. Doing the practice early in the day sets the tone for a calmer, more focused day. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

I learned things l would not have thought of on my own, including strategies for dealing with stress in a simple way without just walking away from a situation. I LOVED the yoga, as l thought l would not have been able to gain benefit due to my physical liabilities at present. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

Madeline is a great teacher and guide through the program. She is insightful, caring, and willing to adapt. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

Instructor makes you believe. She walks her talk. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2015

I am calmer and more aware of my feelings and responses to stress. My anxiety level has diminished and I am sleeping better. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

As a physician I would recommend the course as a means of building resilience and healthy perspective in patients. We all have personal responsibility for our health. Stress reduction is a key element in health promotion. Mindfulness training enhances self-direction, accurate self-assessment, and improved communication. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. Your calm voice and gentle encouragement created an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. This experience was truly life changing. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015 

Mindfulness is a way of approaching the world that could benefit everyone. There are many approaches to mindfulness, but the MBSR program introduces the concept in a manner accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Madeline Ebelini is a friendly, helpful and accommodating guide to a more mindful approach to life. I recommend her and the MBSR program without reservation. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

A very unexpected benefit of the course is that I seem to be enjoying the good side of life more. Pleasant interactions with people, coming across something beautiful, hearing an enjoyable piece of music, and similar experiences are being identified and enjoyed more. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I have improved self-awareness. I have started to achieve goals in weight reduction and my exercise program. Mindfulness has helped me focus and organize my efforts to improve my health. I have an improved sense of what is going right with less distraction from minor complaints. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I am much kinder to myself. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I am different. I have made a connection with my body and with the practice; I am able to find peace within. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I've been more present and more aware in my daily living, and have acquired skills to help calm myself during stressful times. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I am more aware of how much time my mind spent rehashing the past and worrying about the future. I do less of that now. I also respond more thoughtfully to situations that I previously would have reflexively reacted to (in not a nice way). MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program is one of the most moving, enlightening things I have ever done. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

Mindfulness has led to moments of joy materializing when the experience was unexpected. It has improved my awareness of the moment internally and externally. I feel more present in the experience of my physical self, and more functionally aware of my surroundings. So there is positive reinforcement that will facilitate the self-discipline component of the exercise. I do recognize the time demands of developing improved mindfulness. I appreciate that Madeline Ebelini's course has given me the tools to develop mindfulness practice. The course opened the way toward a "blooming garden" of mindfulness, and did so without bias as to specifics. This course was a portal for me, one where I was given tools as I passed thru. With those tools I intend to tend my garden, and to do the work. I feel fortunate to have had a gifted, empathic, dedicated guide. This was time well spent. The foundation has been well built. The roots are growing, the shoots will follow. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I do not panic or stress about every day situations that arise. I am calm and feel I can handle anything that arises.I have a sense of contentment. I have confidence in knowing everything will be ok. I am happier. I laugh more. I listen more intently to everyone. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

It is easier for me to be silent, notice, listen, and be kind. This is helpful in building good relationships. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

There have been several changes. I have learned to "breathe" instead of react. I have learned about the importance of calming and quieting my mind so that peace and relaxation follow. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I am fascinated, at this stage, at how the experience of the moment is influenced by the conscious redirection of attention. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I would like to see everyone who walks the planet take an MBSR class. We all benefit when one engages in mindfulness. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

It was a wonderful experience I feel privileged to have been a part of. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

Making the commitment to this program was an effort well worth the time. I gained skilled and insights that I would not have otherwise doing this on my own. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

I do not believe that just anyone could teach this class. I am extremely impressed with your expertise, your knowledge of the subject matter, your thoroughness in teaching and teaching skills. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

The program was very worthwhile. I only wish I had discovered it sooner. MBSR Graduate Winter, 2015

Thank you for guiding me further down my path of self discovery and learning how to best take care of myself. MBSR Graduate Winter, 215

I've become more aware of my inner being and how I deal with things and this has allowed me to improve my ability to handle confrontation
with less stress. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2014

I have a calmer state of mind - thinking & breathing before I react. Less anxiety in day to day living. More appreciation for the present moment and awareness of what is. A gentler approach to life or, if not, then an awareness of a reaction and the mindfulness to correct it. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2014

This program is something that can benefit everyone, no matter whether they have physical or emotional pain or just the stress associated with living in our world. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2014

It was very well presented with a lot of practice included. The homework gave me a chance to see how I could incorporate mindfulness into my life. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2014

Very full attention from the teacher for students to learn, ask questions and be supported. It was great to have the daylong retreat. Very practical, simple, encouraging. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2014

It was, is, an enormous help in the process of healing a wounded heart. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2014

I have great respect for this program. MBSR Graduate Fall, 2014

The feeling of being overwhelmed has been reduced significantly. I am much more calm everyday. MBSR Graduate Summer 2014

It was well paced and well thought out. The activities were enjoyable. You have a talent for speech and your voice was soothing. MBSR Graduate Summer 2014

My life has slowed down since I began this course. I don't move as quickly, talk as fast and most importantly, I tend to finish things I start, rather than quitting early and rushing onto the next activity. Thank you! MBSR Graduate Summer, 2014

I loved the course! You provided a safe, welcoming, supportive atmosphere for exploration of mindfulness meditation and gave lots of information in a clear and fun manner. MBSR Graduate Summer, 2014

I am calmer, more relaxed, aware of the present, and attentive to others. PJ / MBSR Graduate Summer, 2014

A wonderful experience that has changed my life. The course and facilitators have been wonderful. SB, Naples / MBSR Graduate Winter, 2014  

I enjoyed it very much and am excited to live my life in the present rather than waste it by not being present. GH, Naples / MBSR Graduate Winter, 2014  

I enjoyed the course. You provide a beautiful and accepting environment. I am opening to myself and others. I share and laugh more with others. I stop and appreciate the world around me. AB, Naples / MBSR Graduate Winter, 2014    

I am so happy I took this course. I will definitely continue to practice because I recognize how beneficial it is to my overall health. I wish the course were 16 weeks long! C. D. / MBSR Graduate Winter 2014  

I enjoyed the course very much. It is a discipline that I will take with me always. I look forward to my practice every day. It has really helped me every day! KH, Naples / MBSR Winter Graduate 2014 

The experience has been life changing for me. Are all problems solved? No, but now I see the path clearly, and I feel confident that I will be able to stay on it. I think I will live longer as a result too! SC, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate Winter, 2014  

I have been given the tools to help me deal with the stress that comes with life. I’m better at being able to separate thought from fact.Meditation helps calm negative feelings. I’m thinking more clearly and I’ve become so much more grateful for the life and body I’ve been given. A wonderful experience that I wish everyone could be a part of. CG, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate Winter, 2014  

So grateful I did this for me! I have started a journey of self-awareness I never thought possible – This course was instrumental in setting the course for that journey. MR, Naples / MBSR Graduate November, 2013

I got so much from our meditation every week. I enjoyed the room, meditation styles, course materials, CD’s, and especially the retreat. I loved the course! Thank you so much. AM, Naples / MBSR Graduate November, 2013

I would recommend this course for everyone. It was a wonderful experience getting to know myself a bit better. EW, Naples / MBSR Graduate November, 2013

This course enriched my life greatly. I feel like I have a better outlook about myself and others. The retreat was one of the top ten experiences of my life. Thank you. MK, Naples / MBSR Graduate November, 2013

My overall experience has been extremely positive and I learned so much that I am already applying in both my personal and professional life. Thank you! KF, Naples / MBSR Graduate November, 2013

One of the best things I've ever done for myself. Totally worth the money. I have a higher frustration tolerance and less body tension. My lower back pain is almost 100% eliminated. I feel more peaceful and accepting of myself. My sleep is much better, and uninterrupted. MG, Fort Myers / MBSR Graduate November, 2013

This course was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Only wish I had done it years ago. The classes each week, and the one day retreat, over an eight week period - learning and practicing the techniques  - was worthwhile and manageable. Much better than a one week intensive course. CC, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate March, 2013

Fabulous experience - worth every minute with the skills learned and incorporated for life. Madeline, you made it a wonderful experience. I'd recommend you as an instructor in a heartbeat! JB, Fort Myers / MBSR Graduate March, 2013

Excellent. The content was excellent - material we can always go back to. Madeline was a very good instructor - a calm and clear communicator. THANKS SO MUCH!! TH, Fort Myers / MBSR Graduate May, 2013

A wonderful experience - beyond what I had expected. I fully intend to apply these lessons going forward. Madeline Ebelini is a gem. SG, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate March, 2013

This course provided me with excellent resources to develop my own practice of daily meditation and mindfulness. All of the material was valuable and I will be able to use it for years. CP, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate March, 2013

This course taught me so much about how I was living on auto-pilot for so many years. It's given me a second chance to live a new life and to let each day unfold one moment, one breath at a time. MBSR Graduate March, 2013

Excellent presentation of well developed materials and recordings. So grateful that I took the time to take the course and now have the recordings and materials to refresh myself. Just what I needed. MT, Naples / MBSR Graduate March, 2013

Amazing - opened my eyes to a new tool to enhance my life and ease my pain. I'm calmer and more reasonable with my family. I've reduced the sharpness and frustration with my condition. AK, Naples / MBSR Graduate December, 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from this course. I truly attribute mindfulness practice to keeping my sanity in a particularly difficult time. I have greater calmness in the face of adversity, be it financial or health. I'm more patient and show more kindness to others. The group interaction was very helpful. LC, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate December, 2012

I had no idea the wealth of information we would receive, and didn't expect to see such progress in such a short time. I feel more like myself - and stronger. I feel much more quiet joy. CJ, Naples / MBSR Graduate December, 2012

Life is less stressful. I'm more attentive in listening to others. I feel more love and kindness toward myself and others. I'm able to live more in the now. I was sad to have it end. Madeline is such an inspiration. JM, Estero / MBSR Graduate December, 2012

I am more mindful on a regular basis. This learning will help me on my daily journey. I loved the course and the CD's. I'll recommend this to everyone I know. UK, Naples / MBSR Graduate December, 2012

Lots of changes - a wonderful course. Before enrolling I thought of buying the tapes/book and doing it at home. Now I realize I could never have received the benefits I have experienced without Madeline, this wonderful program, and the sharing with other participants. DY, Naples / MBSR Graduate December, 2012

I feel more reflective, more present, and more aware of my impact on others. I feel more generous and have greater access to laughter (Yay!) Madeline is an excellent teacher. She is a wonderful mixture of warmth and professionalism. She really knows her stuff and makes the material accessible and enjoyable. JN, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate December, 2012

I have a deeper connection to my breath and easily reconnect to a place of peace & calm amidst hectic or stressful situations. This course has been profoundly life changing. The richness and depth  now present in my personal and professional worlds are a gift. I'm so grateful for this learning. SO, Ft. Myers / MBSR Graduate October, 2012

I'm less quick to react and more aware of the natural environment. I feel more gratitude and am calmer. I've become more aware of how my emotions affect my body, and developed helpful techniques to calm my mind and take care of myself. CN, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate October, 2012

Wish I had taken this course 20 years ago! My class participants were wonderful and supportive which made the experience even more satisfying. Madeline guided us all - always with loving kindness. JB, Estero / MBSR Graduate October, 2012

My blood pressure has been reduced.  I have become more tolerant of others and more understanding of their needs and reasons for acting as they do. I have become more relaxed and patient.  Madeline has done an outstanding job in conducting the course. She is always extremely pleasant and makes everyone feel good about themselves and welcome to participate in the discussions. AB, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate May, 2012

I loved every minute of this course. Thank you for being such a wonderful catalyst for change. I am less fixated on "wishing my life away. I used to find myself dwelling on the pleasures of the past or what I longed for in the future. I now try to see the worth and beauty of what I'm experiencing in the present. LC, Fort Myers / MBSR Graduate May, 2012

The course made me think, reflect, and stop for a little bit to focus on me, getting centered and calmed. Yoga was great, especially when I was tired. It reminded me how important it is to keep up with these things and I am determined to continue! The course helped me focus on the positive and reminded me that negativity is a total downer! CS, Fort Myers / Graduate May, 2012


Loved this course. Madeline is a kind & soulful person - full of goodness and healing. I love listening to her voice on the CD's when I practice. It puts me in a peaceful place. I have met such good, gentle souls in this class. I am not alone in my journey. GP, Naples / Graduate March, 2012

I've gained tools and techniques I haven't received anywhere else that made a difference in the ways I am able to manage a chronic condition. JR, Fort Myers / Mar. 2012 Graduate March, 2012

I learned to be still, to see what's around. I learned to observe without judging which I think is very important. I loved the course. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity. JB, Fort Myers, FL, Graduate May, 2012

Once I made MBSR work for me, I was able to accept, relax and develop a "structure" that I plan on practicing for the REST OF MY LIFE! DC, Bonita Springs / Graduate March, 2012

A peace that I have never known, based on the ability to live in the present moment and just "be". Thank you for this life changing program. GJ, Bonita Springs / Graduate March, 2012

This should be taught throughout one's entire life. Wonderful and necessary knowledge. LH, Naples / Graduate  March, 2012

I had an excellent experience and it was more than I expected. The academia was well delivered and professional. I felt like I was transformed. I developed a new way to live and experienced a spiritual renewal. TG, Bonita Springs / Graduate March, 2012

Good experience - exceeded my expectations. I have tried meditation before but gave up quickly. By meeting once a week during the 8-week course I was able to establish new habits. MY, Bonita Springs / Graduate March, 2012

It was a far greater experience than expected. I want to use the information learned and practiced for the rest of my life.
MK, Naples / Graduate December, 2011 

As a breast cancer survivor and caregiver to a spouse with dementia, this course has given me the tools to care for myself -- and consequently for my spouse. ER, Naples / Graduate December, 2011


The class exceeded my expectations. I will absolutely use what I learned from this course in my everyday life. It will help me stay calmer, more clear-headed during difficult times. VR, Bonita Springs / MBSR Graduate October, 2011

The most valuable class I have ever taken! It’s too bad I didn’t have these tools 30 years ago! Would love to continue with follow up sessions or retreats. This is a life-changing course! GM, Fort Myers / MBSR Graduate October, 2011

It was something I was looking for my whole life! This showed up at my "doorstep" when I desperately needed it! How is that possible? Now I have hope, I have an anchor. I loved the whole experience! Thanks Madeline and Dr. Kabat-Zinn for showing up in my life! I will make you proud of me! You made my life more peaceful.
GC, Estero / MBSR Graduate October, 2011

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