Soma & Psyche™

Soma & Psyche™ is an experiential program of embodiment, mindfulness, compassion and self-discovery incorporating yoga, meditation, and the current scientific understanding of our inherent human capacity for change, inner healing, and psycho-spiritual growth. In Unit 1 you will receive training, guidance, and lots of practice in time-tested methods for strengthening your sense of embodiment, your awareness of the present moment (mindfulness), and your ability to skillfully manage and reduce stress. In Unit 2 you’ll discover the practice of Self-Compassion and ways to work skillfully with emotions and the “Inner Critic”. In Unit 3 you will explore your spiritual path and unique life purpose.

Here’s a peek at the topics we’ll explore:

Unit 1
Embodiment, Mindfulness & Stress Reduction

  • Embodiment – Remembering how to “Be” in the Body
  • The “Felt Sense” – How the Body “Knows”
  • Building Resources for Working with Stress
  • Full Body Spacious Mind
  • The Sensory Field of the Body – Learning from Within
  • The Breath: A Pathway to the Present Moment
  • Bringing Home the Distracted Mind
  • Neuroplasticiity: Remodeling Your Nervous System  

Unit 1 Starts April 28, 2020
Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:00 pm
With Madeline Ebelini, MA, RYT
$200 for 6-week series
Includes guided video & audio recordings for home practice (yoga & meditation)
Limited to 10 participants  / Book Now

Unit 2
Making Peace with the “Inner Critic”

  • Discovering Your Inner Compassionate Voice
  • Feeling Emotions in the Body
  • Working With The Phenomenon of Backdraft
  • Why am I so Negative? Our Programmed Negativity Bias
  • Attending to the Heart
  • Why the Resistance?
  • The Healing Balm of Kindness
  • Savoring and Gratitude

Unit 3:
Living Your Spiritual Path & Life Purpose

  • Shifting Your Center of Guidance: From Ego Mind to Body Wisdom;
  • Contemplative Practice as a Doorway to Spirituality
  • It’s All About the Bliss. . . Right? The Danger of Spiritual Bypassing
  • The River of Life: Prana and Primordial Wisdom
  • The Healing Power of Community: Relational wounds are best healed in relationship with others;
  • Who Are You and Why Are You Here? Actualizing Your Unique Human Potential. “Every human being has a need to articulate their intensity.”
  • Authenticity: Beware of Spiritual Materialism.
  • There is No End to the Spiritual Path

Madeline Ebelini, MA, RYT

Once upon a time I was a stressed out lawyer, insomniac, and chronic worrier. My daily life included anxiety attacks, chronic pain, irritability, and despair. Ultimately I was diagnosed with cancer. Then, I discovered something amazing! Through mind-body practices like yoga and meditation I could quiet my worrying, chattering mind. I learned embodiment and compassion practices for working skillfully with unconscious emotions driving all my stress. This awakened a spiritual enthusiasm that animates my life today and has inspired me to do many things. I left the practice of law, went back to school, and earned a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University, a Buddhist-inspired center for contemplative education founded by renowned Tibetan meditation master, Chogyam Trungpa. There my graduate work explored mindfulness as the context for growth-fostering relationships, healing community, and integral transformative practice. Since 2010 I have been a teacher and student of meditation, yoga, personal growth, and spirituality. I earned certification from U. C. San Diego’s School of Medicine as a teacher of the internationally acclaimed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. I am a member of the teaching faculty at eMindful where I deliver live web-based programs for stress reduction and weight management. The Soma & Psyche program is my most recent project! It incorporates my life experiences, training, and most beloved experiential practices to guide you on your path to intention-driven healing, transformation, and joy.

Home practice and consistent class attendance are essential for participation in this program. Upon registration you will receive audio and video recordings of the guided meditations and yoga sequence which will become the foundation for our work. You can do this!

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